Lego Serious Play for Positive Psychology

Lego serious play is an interactive and creative tool that a facilitator uses to unlock the potential of participants. It uses the ‘Hands on Thinking’ approach (Bab, 2016), whereby concepts are created and understood whilst ‘tinkering’ with your hands.


Positive Psychology is the new and exciting science examining the positive aspects of our lives such as happiness, wellbeing and flourishing.


Combine these two and you have a powerful tool that uses the creation of models combined with our stories and metaphors to explore qualities such as strengths, mindsets and wellbeing to facilitate the creation of flourishing teams.



Reference: Exploring positive psychology with Lego Serious Play (Bab, M. and Boniwell, I., 2016)


Build and Flourish - Teams

Strong Strengths

for groups and the individuals within them to better understand and utilise their character strengths to develop a strong and flourishing team.


Powerful Purpose

‘Build your Why’: for groups to explore, visualise and align themselves around their purpose.


Fabulous Flourishing

for groups to better understand what affects their general wellbeing.


Mind your Mindset

For groups to acknowledge the difference between fixed and growth mindsets and how to grow a stronger growth mindset.

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Build and Flourish - Individuals

Using Lego as a creative coaching tool can bring out new ideas that haven’t been thought of before and can help to crystalise goals. Explorative modelling can bring out unexpected insights.


An initial 2 hour practical session often unlocks concepts that can be explored further, either through continued LSP4PP sessions, other coaching methods or a combination of the two.


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