• Theresa Quinn

What makes you sparkle?

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

We can spend so much of our time focussing on trying to fix our lives, fix all the things that are broken. We focus on the bad things we have eaten, all the things that are wrong with our job, our house, our weight, our family. How often do you focus on the things that are going right?

When we start to question what is good in our life and build on that instead, when we focus on what is possible, we can then truly begin to flourish. Our tendency seems to be to focus on the one thing that went wrong in a day rather than the 5 other things that were amazing.

When we start to ask ourselves questions rather than just focussing on what we need to get done, we begin to train our brains to think differently. A simple question can be life changing.

Today I want to shout out an amazing lady who has truly found what makes her sparkle. Caroline takes brilliant photographs, some of which she has gifted to Reach Higher such as the one here. Caroline loves to take photos, which started as a hobby taking snaps of her children whilst on days out. She discovered a passion and has turned that passion into a business, Caroline Allington Photography. If you look at her photos or read anything she writes about her photography the joy it brings to both her and others is evident. By following her passion Caroline is on the path to a flourishing life.

So today, instead of asking yourself what do you need to fix, ask yourself ‘What makes me sparkle?’ Call today and find out.

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