Less functioning, more flourishing

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I was sitting by the river watching the leaves fall, listening to the water running over the weir and wondering what on earth I was going to write on my ‘About me’ page on the website. Should it be a factual account or should I tell my life story? As I sat there, an elderly gentleman walked passed, smiled, raised his hand and said ‘good morning’ and right there at that moment I realised where I am at any given moment, whether I am working or sleeping, happy or sad, exploring or chilling, right here, right now, this is me.

I used to think it was really important to say what I had done, what I had achieved in the past but now I believe that the past doesn’t define me and what is most important are the values that I hold as a result of the life I have lived. For those of you who love facts (as lots of you will), you can scroll down to the end and see exactly what I have done.

My life has been shaped by my wonderful family, incredibly supportive friends and the goals and dreams I have achieved, by a dysfunctional childhood, loss and sadness, redundancy, uncertainty and illness. This life has instilled in me the values of kindness, honesty and trust, the belief that other people matter and that it’s important to live a life of intent where my values are the priorities to schedule, where a good and meaningful life is embracing it all.

Too often though I found I was just functioning and sometimes not functioning very well, but now I aim to flourish even during the bad times. I always had the self-belief that I wasn’t good enough, but now my belief is that using my top character strengths of kindness, bravery and creativity I can live a flourishing life.

All my education and experience has led to my absolute passion of coaching people to fulfil their own potential and lead a flourishing life. Reach Higher is the culmination of it all, a place where I continue to grow and develop and challenge that growth into facilitating the flourishing of others.

1987 – 1991: BA Hons Psychology

1991 – 1995: Manager/coordinator of nurseries in Edinburgh    

1993: Got married!               

1995 – 2001: Trowbridge, Abingdon and Reading Colleges: Lecturer/Assessor in Childcare and Development. 

Final position: Course Leader for Diploma in Childcare and Education

1997: Further Adult Education Teaching Certificate

2000: Certificate in Education (Further Education)

2000 – 2009: Mum to two children

2009 – 2011: Marcham Primary School: Joint Early Years’ Coordinator and Teaching Assistant

2011: Certificate in Dyslexia and Literacy in the Primary School Setting

2011 – 2014: The Unicorn School: Dyslexia Tutor

2011 – 2017: Tiny Tigers/Empowerment Education: Developer/Owner of school resilience programmes

2016 – 2019: MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology 

2016: Training for Warriors: Coach and Affiliate   

2017: Lego Serious Play for Positive Psychology Facilitator

Volunteer Work

Coach for "Women Leading in Education", National College for Teaching and Leadership

Course Leader “Exploring What Matters”, Action for Happiness

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