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What is your "why"?

I have always loved the work of Simon Sinek and his powerful model that starts with a “Golden Circle” that asks the question “why?” Why do you do what you do? The why isn’t about making money, it’s about your purpose, your belief, it’s the reason why your organisation exists or why you do the job you do.


Do you know your why?

I didn’t. For years I’ve done things I’ve been interested in, that I was good at, that earnt me a living; but they never filled me with a passion. I would do them for a while and then move on to something else. I’d keep thinking I’d found it, but I never asked myself "what was my why?". Until now. Now I’ve found my why, I’m trusting the process and building from there.

Why Coaching?

Because when I coach I feel a fire light inside me. It excites me, it challenges me, it makes me want to get out of bed in the morning. For years I thought I was happy pottering along, before I actually started to think what my passion was, what would move me from functioning to flourishing. Through coaching others, studying it and being coached myself, I discovered that my why was actually coaching and facilitating others to find the why inside themselves, enabling them to flourish, to live a life of intent.

Why Positive Psychology?

Because it gives an amazing set of tools and theory for use in workshops and coaching to move from functioning to flourishing. Historically, Psychology has looked at "fixing" people, taking them from a -5 to 0, but I wanted to go beyond zero to a +5, +10 or even a +100. That is what positive psychology tools can do. Positive Psychology is a new and exciting science that is grounded in evidence based research.

Why Lego Serious Play for Positive Psychology?

Because it’s fun and it’s an amazing, creative tool that gives everyone a voice. Have you ever been in a team meeting where only one or two people speak? Or you feel too intimated to speak up? Perhaps you don’t feel part of the process or you wish your team members contributed more? With Lego Serious Play, “everybody builds, everybody shares” resulting in combining everyone’s ideas to reach a common goal, be it building a company “why” or discovering a team’s strengths.


It is also a great creative tool to use in individual coaching, because it can lead to a different way of thinking, give a different view to a problem or result in new insights.


Why free education resources?

Because one of the jobs I did whilst finding my passion was to write a whole series of 6 week courses that I delivered to schools on topics such as building resilience, confidence or growth mind-sets. Whilst thinking about my why I realised that this wasn’t my ultimate passion. The resources were tried and tested in local schools with great success, so rather than shelve 5 years of work I am adapting them to allow schools to continue using them, this time free of charge.


Two questions for you.


Do you know your why?

Would coaching help you find it?

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