Flip Your Narrative

This is a 2-3 hour workshop that enables you to become aware of and examine the beliefs that you hold about yourself and discover if they are holding you back from flourishing.  


It gives you tools to challenge beliefs and move forward in your thinking. It doesn’t give you new answers or promise quick fixes but it does give you the opportunity to believe that you can execute all the ideas that you already have.


The workshop is ideal for groups of adults, business teams, sixth form students, new parents, anyone who just needs a little bit of self-belief to flourish.

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Exploring What Matters

Exploring What Matters gives you the chance to meet friendly, like-minded people and find simple ways to make yourself and others happier.  


This 8-week course is based in science and helps you:


  • Meet with like-minded people to explore what really matters in life and find new ways of looking at things.

  • Learn from the experts through videos, mindfulness exercises and a handbook full of resources to help you break big ideas into manageable chunks.

  • Take small actions each week by taking time to reflect on how to create happiness for yourself and those around you.


People find the course really enjoyable and often refer to what they learn as life-changing.

Our first workshop will be based in Abingdon in January 2019.(Fully Booked). Connect to register interest or go to to find a workshop in your area

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